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Two Dried Leaves

Experience Change with Estelle Krumholz, LCSW, LLC

A Bit About Therapy

I implement effective psychotherapy methods to meet the individual needs of my patients and instill self-understanding and encourage new attitudes and feelings towards life situations. It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is not a magic pill or a quick fix.  Therapy is a healing process that necessitates participation and investment from the patient and the therapist alike. In the end, making small changes to self-defeating behavior and coping with feelings such as sadness, shame and fear can bring life-altering results.

How Does Psychotherapy Work

Are your emotions or behaviors interfering with your personal life, work or school?  Are you feeling anxious or depressed?  Do you feel stuck in a bad situation and can't seem to move beyond it?  Are you worrying about your child or a close relative?  Have you experienced a loss or trauma that is impinging on your daily life activites or usual abilities?


Most people at some time in their life find that seeking help from a professional psychotherapist helps them understand themselves better and find new avenues in dealing with difficult emotions or situations. As a psychotherapist, my goal is to help you obtain a better grasp of what is disturbing you and what unconscious factors may be impeding you in resolving that which is problematic.  

This "unpacking" of oneself helps one gain a more positive self-image and acquire a better understanding of signifigant others. Through theraputic discussion and dream analysis we are able to formulate new ways of thinking and behaving that are more productive in promoting self esteem and healthy relationships. 

People seek psychotherapy for a variety of reasons.  Nothing is too unsubstantial or unimportant if it is impinging on your ability to have loving relationships or achieve satisfaction from  your work and in life, generally. 


Some areas of concern that people bring to therapy are:

  •  Feeling "stuck"

  • An inability to control behaviors related to eating, alcohol or drugs

  • Unresolved shame and/or guilt

  • The impact of early trauma on present-day relationships

  • Feeling frightened about major life events (even when they are positive occasions)

  • An inablity to harness grief associated with a loss

  • Marital discord

  • Parenting and co-parenting concerns

  • A general malaise that does not seem to dissipate

Regardless of the issue that brings you to my office, my objective is to foster greater aware of yourself and by doing so gain insight and better resolution of  problems that brought you to my office. 

In a therapeutic partnership, we work together to find new approaches and solutions to your issues and concerns.   Although we don't dwell on the past, as your therapist I am dedicated to helping you understand the influence of earlier relaltionships on who you are presently.  As we come upon new insights and ideas, old patterns are modified or exchanged for more relevant ideas and behaviors.  

If you are motivated to move in a new direction in your life  and you are looking for an experienced and supportive psychotherapist to guide you through the challenging process of self-discovery, I look forward to hearing from you.

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