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About Me


I am a psychotherapist with over 40 years of experience working with adults, adolescents, couples and families.

I provide a confidential and comfortable environment in my professional office.


My Qualifications Include:

  • Masters of Social Work, Wurzweiler School of Social work, Yeshiva University

  • Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work (ABECSW)

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker NJ, NY & MD

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist NJ

  • Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP)

  • Certified Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst and faculty, Center for Psychotherapy & Psychoanalysis of NJ (


  • American Association for Psychoanalysis in Clinical Social Work, Inc

  • Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis of New Jersey

  • National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

  • Employee Assistance Professionals Association, Inc

  • New Jersey Association of Women Therapist

  • New Jersey Society for Clinical Social Work


I have integrated various therapeutic modalities in my work, such as Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Relational, Attachment Theory and Behavioral Theory in my work. 

My interventions are focused to meet the particular needs of patients whether individually, as a couple or a family.


My objective is to help alleviate your immediate distress while promoting emotional growth and thoughtful non-judgemental reflection about your life. 

A Word About Culture and Diversity

I welcome persons from all cultures, religions, sexual orientations and gender-preference to my practice.

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